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Game News
Howdy Y'all!

BloodRaven started on the Thelanis server when Valkoor and I began playing DDO in January 2011. We quickly grew to around 15 members, and have been busily leveling the guild in hopes of getting our first Airship. We're now a level 16 guild, the airship is all paid for, and as soon as we hit level 20 we'll be taking to the skies!

So, we're in our 4th month playing now, and we figure it's time to start a guild website. I've chosen Guild Portal for its ease of use and DDO integration. I have no idea whether or not we'll be staying here, or what, and frankly, I'm a complete newb at Guild management and website admin, so "Bear with us while we grow to serve you better." :)

Valkoor and I have had some great experiences in the game so far, and some not so great ones too. What makes for a great experience? Well, meeting vets who like to help for one thing. Discovering new quests and rocking them for another. In that spirit we're committed to helping out new players whenever we can.
What makes a crappy experience? Elitism, unwelcome Zerging, bad language, whining, ragequitting quests, and LAG! :) In that spirit, we make a point of remaining vigilant and listening to the concerns of our members. It's about having fun, right?

So, you're here because you've been invited to the guild, you play the game regularly at the same time of day that we do, and you want the benefits of Guild membership and group play.

Stay tuned, check in often, and help us to grow and prosper.

Belgarim of Thelanis
... We are now lvl 20 :) Val

lvl 25 :) now.
Guild News

Selective Recruitment! - Do you really want to be in BloodRaven?

Belgarim, Nov 17, 11 3:57 PM.
So, Haven't posted in a while. Been some changes in the guild, so thought this would be a good time to update.

We recently hit lvl25. Yay us. It's been a fun ride up to here; thanks to those that helped. We've got our navigator, bar, mailbox, chest, and the usual array of buffers, though the ship's not big enough to house all that at once. I have a solution to that, so if you're running with us and need don't have access to a higher lvl ship, I don't have a problem swapping crewmembers while you buff. PM me during group formation and we'll set 'er up.

Now regarding membership. We're down to 2 again, me and Valkoor. Had some good players with us for a while, but like many new and new-ish players they've slowed down, or quit, or whatever, so our mini-recruiting drive has fizzled. And now you're saying,
"Why am I here?" And that's a good question. I'm pretty sure I didn't recruit you, since I don't recruit. Pretty sure Val didn't recruit you, cuz he's not recruiting... So you're here because you grouped with one or both of us, you're not in a guild or are looking to switch. That also means you were playing in our usual time slot, which is around 10pm-5am EST (GMT-5). It also means you're Level 20, and running end game content, and, working on Green Steel, some epics for loot/completions/tokens, etc. And if all that's correct, then you're a good fit for the guild.

The two of us, Valkoor and I, play mostly every night. Val like to solo, but also enjoys an efficient group. I pug alot, and have a few friends in other guilds that I run things with. One of them is in a lvl 67 guild, and is happy to invite me to ship, so I'd imagine that the same courtesy would be extended to any of BloodRaven's members. We're happy to build our own guild level at it's own pace, whatever that pace may be. So if you're the type that would take a Legendary over trash loot, that's great. BUT if you're working on something, farming decon trash, passing loot to a friend, or whatever the case may be, and don't want to take Renown, don't be shy! Your loot is your loot to do with as you please. The guild will grow or shrink at it's own pace, don't feel obligated to meet any Renown quota.

That being said, as co-founder, I feel it's my duty to do what's best for BOTH the guild and for myself, so I'm limiting guild size to between 2 and 13. Two is, well, Shawn and me. 6 gives the biggest guild size bonus, and 11 is the optimal size to combat decay. Any number over 12 is nice, in order to fill raids and always have a guildie to run with, even on slow nights. So that's the reasoning for my size range there. I don't think we need anymore than that, and I doubt we'll even get CLOSE to full any time soon. Remember, you probably got here on your own, without any recruiting from us, or with very little.

SO! You've read this WoT and you'd like to join. Too easy, PM me or Val. If we've run with you and think you'd make a good fit, we'll accept. If not we wont. If we do, I'll get you registered on here, though there's not much here that's very important, besides the odd news post.

That's all I've got for now,
Good Hunting!


WindSpyre Sparrow Sets Sail from Stormreach!

Belgarim, May 25, 11 10:30 AM.
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird. It's a ... oh, you know the rest... No, it's actually our newest Guild Reward: The WindSpyre Sparrow. Yup, we did it, thanks to all Guildies for helping us achieve this wonderful goal. I invite all guildies to go and check it out, simply head to any Anchor symbol on your map. Buff up with a 60 minute continuous Protection From Evil from the Silver Flame Priest onboard. Check out the warp core belowdecks, and talk to the Captain to get dropped off anywhere in Stormreach.
Stay tuned as we earn more rewards and populate the ship with more buffs and amenities. Avast and Heave Ho!

update: Nov 17, 2011 - Guild lvl 25, some good amenities on board, discuss protocol with a founder before changing  buffs please. Invite pugs to ship at own discretion.

BloodRaven is Growing

Belgarim, May 6, 11 2:17 PM.

Our Guild level is rising, and membership is growing. Thanks to Sleepsalot for his hard work recruiting new members.

New members, look for Sleepsalot, Valkoor, or myself, Belgarim, when you're online and in need of assistance. We are more than happy to offer advice or questing help, and if we don't know the answer, we probably know where to find it.
Make sure to Register on this site and fill in your user details so we can start to get a feeling for who you all are, what your needs might be, and how we as a Guild can serve each other better.

Good luck in Xen'drik, happy questing

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